Our Menu

Discover our authentic and delicious dishes that capture the essence of Spanish cuisine. We use only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking methods to ensure that every dish is full of flavor and truly satisfying. Browse our menu and discover the taste of Spain right here in Downtown Clearwater.


Serrano, Chorizo & Pork Loin

Spanish dry cured Serrano Ham, Sausage pork with sweet paprika & spices and pork Loin


Iberico Ham

Cured Iberico Ham. Cured for a minimum of 36 months


Manchego & Goat Cheese

3 month cured Sheep Cheese and red wine cured Goat Cheese


Alioli Potatoes

Organic Potatoes, mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic and spices


Vegan Alioli Potatoes

Organic Potatoes, vegan mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic and spices


Bravas Potatoes

Organic Potatoes, mayonnaise, paprica and spices


Octopus Vinagrette

Baby octopus, tomatoe pepper, onion, vinegar, olive oil and salt


Spanish Meatballs

Beef Meatballs in barbacue and tomatoe sauce


Garlic Shrimps

Shrimps, salt, olive oil and garlic


Marinated Anchovies

Anchovies, vinegar, salt and olive oil




Saffron Rice, Chicken & Spices


Meat & Chorizo

Saffron Rice, Beef, Chorizo, Veggies & Spices


Sea Food

Saffron Rice, Shrimps, Mussles, Calamaris, Scallops, Veggies & Spices


Black Calamari

Saffron Rice, Calamari, Squid ink, Veggies & Spices



Saffron Rice, Veggies & Spices



Spanish style turnover stuffed and baked






Two for $9.95

Soup & Salad

Gazpacho Soup

Cold tomato and vegetable Spanish soup with cucumber, green bell pepper, onion, vinegar, olive oil, and salt


Garden Salad, Olives & Tomato

Tender Romaine, Crisp Iceberg, Red Cabbage, Carrots, Olives, Tomatoes and dressing


Beers & Wines

Rioja Reserve

Rioja Aged Red Wine, 2009 tempranillo


Rioja Crianza

Rioja Aged Red Wine, 2014 tempranillo


Imported Beers

Estrella Damm Barcelona & Estrella Galicia


Imported Reserve Beer

1906 Special Reserve Beer


Imported Dark Beer

1906 Black Coupage, Dark Beer


Homemade Sangria

Spanish Red Wine, Organic raw sugar, lemon and natural flavors


Non-alcoholic Beers

Non-alcoholic German Beer


Non-alcoholic Sangria

Non Alcoholic Red Wine, Organic raw sugar, lemon and natural flavors


Coffee & Desserts

Café con Leche

Spanish style coffee with milk



Expresso coffe with milk


Almond Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

Roasted Almond Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream



Chocolate Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream



Tiramisu & Vanilla Ice Cream

Coffee soaked ladyfingers, filld with mascarpone cream, decorated with cocoa with Vanilla Ice Cream



Vegan Chocolate Cake

100% Vegan Chocolate Cake